Walking with Your Heavenly Father

Z Hall 1775 Owosso Ave, Owosso

Leonard & Lesley travel the world sharing the Love of the Father wherever the Father may take them. This is NOT a conference where the focus is learning about God as your Father (you will), learning theology about God as your Father (you will), but during this weekend you will experience your Father loving you, maybe for the first time. 

Fatherheart Ministries B School/ Malibu, CA – April 30 – May 05, 2023

Serra Retreat Center 3401 Serra Road, Malibu

The ‘B’ School builds on the foundation already laid in our hearts during the ‘A’ School | Experiencing Father’s Love. In the ‘B’ School there is a focus on revealing the remarkable impact that walking in this revelation of His love has on each one of us. 

Summer Camp (Summer of Love) Silver Lake, NY June 18- July 01, 2023

asbury retreat center 16 Lakeside Avenue, silver lake, NY

We are passionate to see the sons and daughters of God walk in the fullness of freedom. We long to see the Love of the Father transform individuals, families, churches, businesses, cities, regions and nations unto every human being continually experiencing the Love of the Father. We want to see His Children Living Loved in a manner appropriate to […]


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